Friday, July 17, 2009

Sarah Sharp

I am so excited to exhibit the work of Sarah Sharp (a.ka. Trixie) here in the gallery for the first time! She will be sending a group of her photographs for the Teeny Tiny in September:)

Here is a testimonial from flickr..."Churchill said of Russia that it was a "riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma", but he was probably thinking of Trix.Her pictures are shiny secrets. Her eyes see different worlds. And when she writes in her profile (see left) that "it's complicated", you just know she wouldn't like it if it wasn't.She is, after all, the world's greatest girl detective. Churchill would have fallen for her, hard." (Tampen)

...and another...

"What I love about Trixie's work is that she has such a highly developed eye and a style that is distinctively, immistakeably, trixie-esque. Trixie has a way of shedding perspective on an object, person, piece o' street art/ signs, or even on cleverly posed action figures that is both humorous and poig-nant. I could, and do, look at her pix for hours." (Sazliner)

Sarah Sharp is a writer and a photographer, recently relocated to Detroit, MI from New York City. She has shown work in group and solo shows in Detroit and Manhattan and is known to some as the greatest girl detective in the world...

Here is a list of 25 random things about Sarah with an "h"...

1. I'm from California, have lived in New York City for the last 6 years, and am just about to embark on a new chapter of life in Detroit.

2. My earliest love of photography can be traced back to a lifetime obsession with photobooths.

3. I am 28 years old and own at least as many toys as the average 8-year-old. Really, photography is just an elaborate excuse to get to keep buying toys.

4. I am working on a photo project to visit all 50 United States this year. So far I have been to 36 states. You can see more about that here:

5. I collect postcards, and am currently in the process of making my own art-postcards based on my 50 states road trip.

6. I love Walker Evans, Stephen Shore, and do not really have words strong enough for my feelings on William Eggleston and Cindy Sherman.

7. I'm not sure I believe in ghosts, but I'm definitely afraid of them.

8. I read a lot of sci-fi.

9. I cannot dance, but this doesn't stop me from doing it.

10. At times I worry that my deep affection for robots will cause me to unwittingly unleash the robot apocalypse (see item 8). I'm not proud of this, but there it is.

11. I adore pinball. one of my biggest beefs with living in NY is the lack of Williams brand pinball machines, the lack of pinball machines in general, and the fact that it costs $1 a game here, which is absolutely criminal.

12. I am exactly 5'7" and a half inches tall. the half is important.

13. I am a fan of American football, have a pretty thorough understanding of the game, and deeply resent it when women claim they "can't understand" football.

14. I have a pair of limited-edition PBR sneakers.

15. I recently passed the one-year mark without a cigarette (which I did for 10+ years).

16. I do not automatically know my right from my left, and often need to make an "L" with my fingers to tell the difference.

17. I enjoy wearing hats.

18. I derive deep satisfaction from organizing things using arcane systems known only to me. this includes my flickr photostream, which is why I currently have about 130 sets.

19. I am not a terribly good speller.

20. I really don't like bananas. I have not eaten a banana, or anything banana-flavored, for over 25 years. I think putting bananas in fruit salad is the fastest way to ruin a picnic.

21. I have never been downhill skiing. I have been cross-country skiing once.

22. Zoos make me sort of sad, but I'm absolutely crazy about aquariums.

23. I enjoy games of all sorts, including board games, bar games, shooting games, arcade games, bowling, Scrabble, various competitive sports, card games, word games, sudoku, children's games, and computer games, but I do not like video games and never play them and I don't want to watch you play them, either.

24. I am intermittently afflicted with insomnia.

25. I am something of an epistolean - I love writing letters. I send numerous postcards anytime I go on vacation, and love it when my friends send postcards to me. I have romantic notions about playing chess-by-mail with someone. I often drop in at the post office to see what new stamps have come out, and collect stamps in a very disorganized and lackadaisical manner.

...and one more for good luck...

26. I believe intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe. I would not necessarily cite the human race as evidence of it.

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