Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sofia Barao!

I was thrilled when I received an email a few months ago from Sofia Barao! I have been a fan of her works and her beautiful blog for awhile now...I am delighted to announce that she will be participating in the Teeny Tiny Art Show for the first time - here's a sneak preview!

Sofia's work is based on a juxtaposition of different materials and techniques (acrylics, papers, photos, graphite, wax, collage, sewing, transfers …) that validate her ideas and make them happen to others eyes. She works in different mediums such as painting, collage, photography, lomography and she also creates unique objects.

Sofia loves everything vintage and romantic and is passionate about the end of the 19th and early 20th century era. She grew up in Portugal, studied in Switzerland, and now lives in a small town in France (L'Isle Adam, which is in the middle of a forest between a river and a lake) just 45 minutes from Paris.

A snipit from her artist statement...

"I see my work as wall pieces where layers of paint, papers, drawings and
images can be seen as if time had started its work of forgetness, of erasement.
A poetic and decay atmosphere. My work is a reflection of myself. My childhood,
the way I see life and death, my woman’s life...

I strive to keep a
trace, to question identity and memories, to reinvent a story, to rebuild a
past, maybe my own.

Nature, time and the Woman are the main themes of my work. The Woman in
particular, inspires me; I seek her, decorticate her, and invent her. She's part
of a whole in my work. I question myself about the relationship between women
and time that passes by: through them, on them, with them.

My work is definitely about my quest for my missing part..."

And here are 25 Random Things About Sofia Barao ~ Enjoy!

1. I prefer to work in the morning light

2. Scandinavia fascinates me

3. I was born one year after the Carnation Revolution in Portugal

4. Autumn is my favourite season

5. I lived in 3 countries

6. I’m a shadow chaser

7. Watermelon and Sharon fruit are my favourite fruits

8. I collect beach sand in little bottles

9. I lost my mother at the age of 13

10. I live 45 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower in Paris

11. My father was a singer and he created his own music instruments

12. I like to eat a fennel every summer day

13. I dream of a studio by the sea in Portugal

14. I was raised by my sister

15. My family emigrated to Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Macao

16. I like to read philosophy and psychology magazines

17. I drink herbal and fruit infusions all day long

18. My dream place for an exhibition is the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon

19. I need to practice yoga 4 times a week

20. I would love to write a book

21.My favourite cookie is a Belgian cookie, called speculoos

22. Nostalgia is a friend

23. I always work on my knees on the floor

24. Erik Satie is my favourite composer

25. I like the smell of old books

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Veronica Fuentes

The Teeny Tiny Art Show welcomes whimsical works by Veronica Fuentes!

Veronica was born in New York but was raised from the age of 2 in Bogota, Colombia. She spent most of her childhood drawing and daydreaming. Eventually she made her way back to New York City where she currently livesand works. She received her BFA from Hunter College in New York, NY in 2002.

Veronica's works for the show are embroidered. She explains in her artist statement, "In my work, I explore a whimsical vegetated world where plant-like creatures sprout an array of human emotions. In this whimsical vegetated world, emotions like fear, anger, sadness, and lust are part of the physical and subconscious make-up of the vegetated inhabitants. As the artist trying to breath life into the work, I have become a researcher, like a biologist, cataloging the inhabitants, their characteristics and habitat of the wondrous vegetated world."

And here are Veronica's responses to some of the questions I asked...enjoy!

Q. What are the main things that inspire you? Are you inspired by things that happen to you, or what you observe from life?

A. I am inspired a lot by nature. I find flowers, trees, fungi any kind of plants very interesting. I also find inspiration in animals but plants are just so interesting to me. I am also inspired a lot by stories. I love children's stories, fairy tales (brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll are some of my favorite) anything that has to do with fantasy and the surreal. Things that happen to me, and feelings also influence my work.
Q. Sometimes an artists work gives a hint to what the artist may be like, what they believe in, entertainment they fancy. Is there anything about you that would be surprising to know, if someone only knew your art?

A. Only the people that are close to me know that I have a fear of clutter. I like things simple. Too many things around me are visually distracting. In regards to entertainment I love movies. It might not be a surprise that I like fantasy movies. Some of my favorite directors include Tim Burton (can't wait to see his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland), Hayao Miyazaki, Jim Henson, my new favorite director is Guillermo del Toro after I saw Pan's Labyrinth. I love those 80's fantasy movies like Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and The Never Ending Story to name a few.
Q. Do you have any odd habits while you work?

A. I always like to have a very clean and organized work area free of any clutter before I start working on anything. I have to organized and put everything in its place or else I will not feel comfortable working. A little OCD I guess.
Q. When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

A. When I was a kid I liked drawing and doing any kind of arts and craft projects I could think of. I just liked making things. I remember once somebody saw me drawing and asked me if I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. I think I was around 6 years old when I first realized that artists where people that didn't stop drawing or creating when they became older. Since then I started telling people, whenever they asked, that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.
Q. How do you get inspiration for the pieces you produce?

A. Sometimes I have a feeling or an event that I want to communicate. I just start thinking about it and just try to imagine what it would look like. For some reason ideas always come to me in the form of plant like creatures of sorts. Some times ideas come in the form of stories.
Q. What has been your best creation to date?

A. Wow, I don't know how to answer this. I'm still working on it.
Q. Describe your ideal day?

A. I think I have many ideal days. It depends on what I want to do that day. Rainy days are good for when I just want to stay home and do some work or for watching a dvd. A sunny day (not too hot) is perfect for ridding my bike with my sister around the park.
Q. Last book you read?

A. At the moment I'm reading a book called The Templar Legacy that I found laying around in the office. I'm a bit of a religious conspiracy buff.

Tim Yankosky

Three Graces had the pleasure of featuring works by Tim Yankosky this past May in the group exhibition "Making Their Mark in Molten Wax", alongside fellow encaustic artists Gina Adams, Robin Luciano Beaty and Linda Cordner. Tim has done a special small scale series of paintings for our upcoming Teeny Tiny Art Show #5 in September.

Originally from New Jersey, Tim currently lives and works in San Francisco. He has exhibited around the Bay Area, with shows at Soul Arch, SF State Gallery, and Space 743 Gallery. In 2004 he was included in the Heart and Soul citywide installation with his piece now displayed at Mo Mo’s restuarant. Here are 25 Random things about Mr. Tim Yankosky...

1. I was a track star in high school, now walking around the block is a task.

2. I still act like a 3 year old at times... it really helps with the creative process.

3. I was recently converted by a "Rag Doll" kitten that I bought for my partner, into a "Cat Person"... it was always dogs for me until this little bundle of fur entered our lives.

4. I now talk baby talk to the above fore mentioned kitten whose name is "Bandit", the name just seemed to fit with the mask and all, not to mention her stealing my heart.

5. I lift weights 5-6 days a week and my arm still gets tired when I paint.

6. I lost my last partner to a rare cancer, it changed my life forever and continues to influence my decisions. I mention this because during that period I created some of my most amazing work. "Deliver Me" a tribute to my partner Rich who died at 41.

7. My favorite snacks are cashews and chocolate covered raisins, on a recent visit to my studio, upon seeing the empty containers, my brother remarked "did you REALLY eat all those".

8. "Bandit" sleeps on my head.

9. Grade school was a nightmare but inspires many works of art... thank you Ricky Merideth (mean, mean boy).

10. Life really does get easier as you get older, or maybe I am just forgetting more and it appears to be easier because I forget most of my worries by the end of the day.

11. "What am I listing here again?" There goes that memory thing.

12. I hope one day to only have to paint and not work my "other job".

13. On that note, everyone should have to be a waiter at some point in their life.

14. I am actually enjoying making this list.

15. I have trouble gaining weight, people say "oh poor you", but to me it is the same as wanting to lose weight.

16. I have a "reality television" addiction... I know, shameless.

17. My favorite smells are fresh cut grass and gasoline when filling the car. Appears to be a "green" oxymoron.

18. It would be great to be able to buy any art pieces I wanted.

19. I only started painting when I was 43... my college art 101 professor ask me why I wasn't an art major and it went right over my head.

20. I spend hours a day painting, often forgetting to eat... that might have something to do with that weight gain thing.

21. I would much rather be in my studio than at a party... thank you grade school and high school.

22. My grandparents raised canaries and they continue to show up in my work.

23. I am watching "Big Brother" while finishing this list.

24. I just got my first book cover... Yahoo!

25. My main goal is to age gracefully, unfortunately my knees have not gotten that memo.

Tim was also kind enought to take the time to answer some other questions...

Q. What are the main things that inspire you? Are you inspired by things that happen to you, or what you observe from life?

A. I am inspired by most things that have happen to me over a lifetime, a long 50 year lifetime.

Q. Sometimes an artists work gives a hint to what the artist may be like, what they believe in, entertainment they fancy. Is there anything about you that would be surprising to know, if someone only knew your art?

A. I tend to bite my upper lip when I am sanding or cutting... I am pretty sure that I have developed a "sharp object" phobia in my older age. When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet... which considering my "sharp object" phobia may have been a problem.

Q. How do you get inspiration for the pieces you produce?

A. I am inspired by the previous pieces of art work that I have completed... they all seem to be leading somewhere. I think my best creation to date is a piece I donated to Visual Aid for auction here in San Francisco... I only have a quick snapshot of it because I finished it on the donation deadline day, but it was one of those pieces where you are kicking yourself for letting it go. It did lead to an entire series but none nearly as special as this one.

Q. Describe your ideal day...

A. My ideal day is staying away from sharp objects.

Q. Last book you read?

A. Last book read is "When You are Engulfed In Flames" by David Sedaris.

Q: Ask yourself (and answer) a question?

A/Q:What has been my most rewarding day recently?

A. Teaching a small art inspired class in my studio for some local school kids. I forgot how much I miss teaching.