Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Fabulous Miss Sarah Ogren...

Meet Sarah Ogren!

Sarah Ogren is a mixed media artist with a love of vintage things. She will often encorporate vintage images into her work and trans-form them into something a little more modern. Her work has been described as dark and moody and it will often reflect her sometimes quirky sense of humor.

Here are some of Sarah's answers to the interview questions I've been asking...

Q. What are the main things that inspire you? Are you inspired by things that happen to you, or what you observe from life?

A. I’m very much inspired by antique photographs and vintage illustrations. I’m also a huge fan of field notes and drawings. The ideas for my work come partially from these influences as well as events in my every day life. I have come into the habit of writing down things people tell me or sometimes take random ideas from my personal journal pages as themes for my work. Many of the titles of my pieces are direct quotes from me or others.
Q. Sometimes an artists work gives a hint to what the artist may be like, what they believe in, entertainment they fancy. Is there anything about you that would be surprising to know, if someone only knew your art?

A. I think this is definitely true of me. My work is a direct reflection of what I find interesting and what I think of the world. My work has a very child-like, humorous and surrealist quality to it. In real life I’m very much a light hearted person, who is always laughing at something. I also have always been quite the daydreamer and spent far too much time in my own head.
Q. When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

A. I thought I was going to be a Psychologist or a narrator for nature programs. I did earn a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, but I’m not practicing at the moment.
I think I wanted to be the nature program narrator because at the time I thought the narrators were actually out in the woods where the action was. After learning that they did all of their work in a sound studio that dream died for me.
Q. How do you get inspiration for the pieces you produce?

I get my inspirations from looking at old antique photographs and antiques in general actually. I like to spend my free time wandering antique malls when I’m feeling the need for some fresh ideas. I almost always find something there that sparks an idea for a new project.

Everyday conversations have also become quite a rich source of inspiration for me. People (including myself) say the darndist things sometimes.
Q. Describe your ideal day...

A. The day would be cool but sunny, sometime in the fall when the leaves have all changed. I would begin my morning with a walk in the woods, making sure to shuffle my feet through the fallen leaves. I would return home to make myself a tasty egg sandwich with bacon and cheese.
Then it would be off to my studio where I would work all day. It would be one of those days where the ideas keep coming and I can barely keep up with my own thoughts.Then I’d have dinner with friends, complete with great conversation and one of those laughing fits where your side hurts.I’d then end my day with a really good book.
Q. Last book you read?

A. David Sedaris. When Your Body Is Engulfed Ion Flames.

Sarah has been a part of each and every Teeny Tiny Art Show! She sent me some images of the mixed media sculptures she will be exhibiting in September...enjoy!

You can view more of Sarah's sculptures and other teeny tiny previews here!

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