Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kimberly Curry

The Teeny Tiny Art Show #5 is coming in September!! In the coming weeks I will be posting about some of the participating artists. I've asked them all to answer questions about themselves and about their work and I would like to share that...and pictures...lots of pictures! I hope you all enjoy, cheers.

The first artist I would like to introduce is Miss Kimberly Curry. She was raised in Southern Maine and attended Newbury College and Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston for interior design. She now resides in Portland, Maine. This will be Kimberly's first tiny art show at Three Graces and we are delighted:)

Inspired by a recent Facebook phenomenon...I've asked some of the artists to make a list of 25 random things about themselves...here's Kimberly's list!

25 Random Things about Kimberly Curry

1. When she eats M&Ms she lines them up, sorts them by color and eat them them one at a time, biting them in half, then in quarters.
2. She learned to belly dance under the stars in a desert in the Middle East.
3. Her claim to fame was meeting Donna Summer in an outdoor market in Brazil
4. Her more memorable claim to fame was when she met Cinderella at Storyland. She rode with her in the Pumpkin Coach. It still gives her shivers.
5. Likes really sharp pencils
6. She has particular coffee needs and is very passionate about them
7. She has lived without a TV for almost 30 years (It makes her a dreadful Trivia partner)
8. Her favorite yoga pose is shavasna (corpse pose)
9. She does not have a favorite color (and she does not want one)
10. Tried really, really hard to be a tomboy growing up, but failed miserably.
11.She has an extensive collection of beautiful scarves and shawls from around the world
12.She has a pet beta fish named Dennis
13.Her “phone voice” sounds like an automated machine. People have hung up on her thinking she was a recording.
14. She is an official clergy person, thanks to the internet. She can marry and bury. (She just cannot sacrifice humans or animals)
15. Not only does she dream in color, she has complete stories full of drama, intrigue and excitement. Plus she usually remembers them in the morning.
16. She is not a big fan of nature.
17. She loves Junior Mints (eats them in the fashion of the M&Ms minus the color sorting)
18. Her favorite ice cream flavor is peppermint stick with rainbow jimmies
19. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice
20. She has a crush on the actor Clive Owen.
21. In all of her travels around the world, she loves coming home to Maine best of all.
22. She was so shy as a child that she did not tell her nursery school teacher she felt sick. This resulted in her vomiting all over her teacher’s polyester pants.
23. She tweezes her eyebrows twice a day.
24. She is known for her loud laugh…and laughs often.
25. Morning is her best time.
26. She is an over-achiever.

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  1. Indeed, I'd say those are the most meticulously sculpted eyebrows I have ever seen in my LIFE; shapes that fine can only be achieved through shaving/eyebrow pencil, or tweezing twice a day, I'm sure.

    Too bad about the teacher's pants.