Friday, August 13, 2010

Cendrine Rovini

The Teeny Tiny Art Shows are often like a first date for me ... some of the artists that exhibit have never before shown in the gallery, this makes me both very excited and I confess a little nervous. I am guilty of exhausting the "!" in my many email reminders and I grow more and more anxious as we approach the not so tiny task of hanging hundreds of pieces of tiny art from all over the country and abroad...

I received a submission a few months ago from Cendrine Rovini of France, and I confess -- it was love at first sight. I am thrilled to be exhibiting her work for the first time! Her works are so very delicate and at the same time powerful...

In her own words, "Sleeping or awake, I use to see images ready to make, and I just have to remember and copy them, more or less faithfully. I cannot explain them, I only note that they are often representing women with long hair and natural elements."

"I also can be inspired by a large number of things : a dog lying in the street with a strange posture, a description in a novel, a brief visual mistake while I'm browsing a newspaper, which  can provides me an authentic image, a poem by my husband, a cloud...

I work with and on paper, graphite pencil, watercolor, acrylic, color pencils, graphic tablet, canvas, all mixed or not. I feel immersed in the Soul of the world practically all day long, that suggests me that I'm not the unique creator of my artworks."

Cendrine was born in 1971 in France. Her father, a sculptor, provided her the way to look at her surroundings with attentive eyes and taught her various artistic techniques. Here is the lovely view from her studio in Cantal, France:

You can preview more of Cendrine's work for the Teeny Tiny Art Show #7 here.

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