Saturday, January 31, 2009

New! Teeny Tiny Blog

Hello friends and welcome to the new Teeny Tiny Art Show blog! The highly anticipated biannual exhibition has become so big, that it is now worthy of its very own blog...I will do my best to keep you updated on Teeny Tiny Art Show participants and happenings year round.

The Teeny Tiny Art Show #4 is less than a week away! Tiny Art has been flying thru the door via USPS, UPS and FedEx from all over the country. Terry and I will be busy hanging all next week, all of the hanging (I anticipate around 400 pieces!) must be finished in time for the opening reception next Friday, February 6th.

The list of participants include: Amanda Atkins, Jodie Baehre, Kate Bazis, Robin Luciano Beaty, George Beland, Linda Cordner, Lisa Costanzo, Peter Donovan, Anne Dubois, Denise Duong, Tobin Eckian, Kim Ferreira, Craig Hood, Nancy Grace Horton, Lisa Houck, Dorothy Imagire, Dustan Knight, Nicole Maloof, Elsa Mora, Erin Moran, Leah Murphy, Stephen Murphy, Sarah Ogren, Rachel Paxton, Barbara Poole, Doug Prince, Raegan Russell, Bailey Saliwanchik, Greg Stones, Laura Stutz, Tiffany Torre, Cassandra Velasco, Ernie Velasco, Kelly Vivanco, John Whipple and Lynn Whipple.

Thank you all for your your continuous interest and support - and thanks for reading!

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